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Stories in a Minor Key
Stories in a Minor Key

Performed in the Alexander Room, this is an intimate showcase of music and stories.

Luke Saydon, accompanied by Becky Brincat and Chantelle Micallef Grimaud presents an evening of musical theatre songs featured in his recent award-winning musical productions. Luke is a composer, musical director and theatre practitioner. He’s originally from Malta, but is now based in London.

In the past few years, Luke has been the musical director for three musical project at Wyllyotts:
Sing For Your Life , The Potters Bar Community Choir and the Come Sing from the Musicals Workshops . He couldn’t be happier to be producing his first musical showcase at this wonderful theatre.

“Stories in a Minor Key” is a musical showcase where Luke himself will perform excerpts from some of his most celebrated work.

The audience will get the opportunity to get a sneak peek into how a musical comes together, how songs are composed, and how the theatre making-process works.

The showcase celebrates the stories that have inspired Luke’s music. Featured musicals include: “The Three Sunsets”; “The Naughty Carriage on the Orphan Train"; “The Last Train from Charing Cross” and “HUSH”. HUSH was awarded three Maltese National Arts Awards including Best Production in 2019.

The evening will be the official launch of Luke’s new company: “The Naughty Carriage Theatre Company”.  We look forward to you joining us for a celebration of song, theatre and the joy that music creates.



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