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Social Painting Evening
Social Painting Evening

Get creative, be inspired and let your mind unwind at one of our ART & THRIVE social painting evenings. Experience how it feels to slosh a bit of paint around, create a picture and feel good about it.

No experience necessary. Our highly experienced art tutors will guide you through the process of painting your picture, step by step, so that you can relax and just enjoy the experience.

Tickets:  £36.70 per person, per event

Tues 14th Sep  7pm
Paint it like - Henri Edmond Cross

Paint an Afternoon at Pardigan Var.

Trying different painting styles and techniques used byfamous influential artists is a great way to learn to paint and also to developyour painting skills.

Thurs 23rd Sep  7pm - 10pm
Amazing Skies

This art evening is inspired by the colours of the many amazing evening skies that we see across the UK.  By using subtle tone effects, the style of this painting allows you to play with paint techniques and textures to create the dramatic colours of the sky in contrast to that of the grassy meadow.
Come and have a go and amaze yourself at what you can do!  Bar and Cafe open.

Thurs 27th Oct  7pm - 10pm
Moon Waves

What's not to like about the mystical moon and its enchanting tidal affects of waves at the shoreline.  This style of painting allows you to learn the painting techniques to create your wonderful picture.  Bar and Café open.

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