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Sing for Your Life

Sessions will be in the theatre which seats 420 and has good ventilation but each session will be limited to 30 people.

·        You will be socially distanced with a minimum of two metres in all directions between each person.


·        Luke will be on the stage and has been requested not to socialise with you.

·        Each session will only last for one hour.

·        Separate entrances and exits.

·        Please wear a mask until you are in your seat.

·        You may wear your mask while you sing but this is not part of the government guidance and will not be enforced.

·        Hand sanitizer provided.

·        The building is being thoroughly cleaned between all activities and all touch points have been minimised.


·        We ask that you do not stay and socialise in groups before or after the session although the café is open.


·        Obviously do not attend if you feel ill. We will transfer your ticket if you can’t attend due to illness.

These are the restrictions. The good news is that with this in place we can experience the joy of singing together again. 

When & Where

Enough tickets
Thursday, 29 October
Plenty of tickets
Thursday, 5 November