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Rapunzel the Pantomime
Rapunzel the Pantomime

Thurs 18th - Sat 20th Jan  7.30pm
Sat 20th Jan  2.30pm
Sun 21st Jan  1pm
Tickets: £13, £8.50 child

The Warren are an amateur group who've been performing pantomimes since 1949 so they have lots of experience! They write their own pantomimes and musical shows as well as having their own live band.

Since 2009 their pantomimes at The Bull Theatre in Barnet (including The Snow Queen, Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka, Peter Pan) have become super successful.  Their performances have consistently sold out year after year - so The Warren decided it was time to  perform to a bigger audience.

The Warren are delighted to bring their wonderful magical pantomime Rapunzel to Wyllyotts in 2018 - a tale of a beautiful Princess with the longest hair you can ever imagine trapped in a tower by an evil witch - only a handsome prince can save her. This is a traditional pantomime perfect for the whole family - young and old.

All profits raised from The Warren's shows are donated to local charities.  You can find out more about The Warren at


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