No Membership discount Pre Show Dining

Pre Show Platter - Springsteen

Sit down and enjoy our selection of new pre show dining when booked in advance through Wyllyotts Box Office.

Available to pre book before most films and shows from 1st September.

The Smoked Salmon Sandwich Platter   £7.50
Smoked Salmon Sandwich fingers served with Fresh Fruit and Three Mini Cakes

The Cheese Ploughman's Platter   £8.00
Selection of Three Cheeses, Crusty Baguette, Side Salad and Pickle

The Fish Platter      £8.50
Seafood Mix Baskets, Peppered Makerel, Mini Homemade Thai Fish Cake, Salad Garnish, Bread and Butter and Lemon Mayo

The Vegan Platter      £7.50
Vegan Pizza Wrap, Falafel, Sweet Potato Latkes served with Salad Garnish and Tahini Dressing


When & Where

Plenty of tickets
Saturday, 28 September