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Nomadland (12A)
Nomadland (12A)


Winner of Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actress at the Academy Awards, Nomadland follows a woman who starts a new life on the road in the American Midwest after the economic collapse of her town.

Fern (Frances McDormand) lives in a modestly kitted-out van, travelling from town to town and picking up short-term seasonal work where she can get it.

Populated with intimate and compassionate studies of real people playing versions of themselves, such as Fern’s compatriots on the road, Linda, Swankie and Bob, as well as a precious community that has grown out of the ruins of the country’s brutal service economy. Alongside them, McDormand delivers a quietly breath taking performance – an angular, sympathetic portrait of an older woman choosing a life of relative freedom, whatever the pains and challenges that entails. (1hr 50mins)





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