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Pagliacci & Trial By Jury
Pagliacci & Trial By Jury

Southgate Opera presents a double bill of opera favourites:

Pagliacci tells the tale of love, heartbreak, betrayal and murder. Based on a real-life love triangle known to the composer, Leoncavallo, the opera is regarded for the searing aria ‘Vesti la giubba’ (Put on the Costume) which is sung by Canio as he prepares for the final performance in which he will confront his wife, Nedda, who is secretly involved with Silvio a young villager.

Trial by Jury is a comic one act opera by Gilbert & Sullivan. The story concerns a breach of promise of marriage lawsuit in which the judge and British legal system are the objects of lighthearted satire.  The plot might be ludicrous, but the characters behave as if the events were perfectly reasonable.

Tickets: £19 - £20
(Concessions available)

A non-professional production


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