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Community Choir 2 Sep - 21 Oct 2021
Community Choir 2 Sep - 21 Oct 2021

Potters Bar Community Choir is now under the stewardship of Musical Director Luke Saydon and we would love you to join us. We meet every Thursday evening term time at Wyllyotts.

Session will be in the theatre which seats 420 and has good ventilation.

·        Luke will be on the stage.

·        Separate entrances and exits.

·        Please wear a mask until you are in your seat.  

·        Hand sanitiser provided.

·        The building is being thoroughly cleaned between all activities and all touch points have been minimised.


·        Obviously do not attend if you feel ill. We will transfer your ticket if you can’t attend due to illness.

These are the restrictions. The good news is that with this in place we can experience the joy of singing together again. 

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